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Transparency of state affairs is key to good governance. It provides metrics against which citizens can evaluate the performance of their government and ask informed questions. There are many organizations which provide insightful data across countries, but there is lots of inequality among states of a country which needs to be highlighted.

StateMaps.org is an effort to highlight this disparity among states of a country. It tries to provide better understanding and insight of data by focusing on the graphical representation. At present, we provide some standard statistics but will strive for more insightful data in due course of time.

Data Source:

Due to resource shortage at present, most of the data has been collected from aggregate sources like Wikipedia or government websites. Future plan is to refer directly from economic reports and provide a downloadable zip containing these reports.


We would highly appreciate any form of support, financial or professional. If you are a UI-UX designer, an Economics major, SEO expert or Photoshop designer then we can surely use your help. Even if you are from some other profession and feel could help us, we would love to hear. Following is our plan going forward:

  • Provide content on more economic and demographic indicators
  • Provide per-state analysis on each data point
  • Provide time-series data of each data point
  • Provide downloadable zip containing data sources
  • Enhancing user experience of the website

Contact Us:

You can reach out to us at contact@statemaps.org. We would love to hear from you !


SiteMaps.org makes no representation regarding the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of any information and data posted on the site or that such information and data will be error-free. Users should refer to provided source of data before using data for any purpose. SiteMaps.org is only meant to provide an idea of the existing disparity between states of countries.